Following codes shall apply to all sorts of conduct for students in the college premises as well as outside the campus if it calls for adverse impact on the institution’s interests or reputation:-
·         To attend all the classes regularly as per the assigned timetable and maintaining at least 75% record in his/her attendance.
·         Absence in class for more than 7 days together without any information to the concerned teacher will result in getting the name struck off as well as invite a fine.
·         Student will have to bring their parents/guardians to seek readmission within 15 days of their name getting struck off the rolls. Admission may be given with a penal payment of Rs 500/- and permission from the Principal of the college.
·         It is mandatory to wear college I-card all the time while in the campus and show it when asked for by the faculty/staff.  
·         Student should contribute in maintaining cleanliness of the campus by using waste bins, not destroying any green areas/ flora and avoid using any plastic material in the campus.  
·         Student using vehicles while coming to college have to use the designated parking and abide by all traffic rules by wearing helmets and are also personally responsible for the safety of their vehicles.
·         In case of misbehavior or gross indiscipline or making indecent gesture/remarks with fellow student or staff member, a student can be suspended or rusticated from the college.  
·         Should not destroy/steal/damage or access without permission the college property or property of other student or faculty member or support staff. 
·         Political activity in any form is not permitted in the college campus. Unauthorized meeting, propaganda work, processions or fund collections are forbidden within and outside the college.  
·         Harassing juniors, ill-treatment towards fellow student or any other form of ragging is strictly prohibited and liable to be treated as criminal offence as per the provisions envisaged under Haryana Anti Ragging Act, 2012.  
·         Student shall refrain from using mobile phones unnecessarily and they shall keep their mobile phones in silent mode especially in the class and library.
·         No arrangement of party/function at their own level without prior permission of the Principal is allowed.
·         It is mandatory for all the student to attend the seminars/workshops/extension lectures conducted for them and they cannot enter/leave the room without the permission of the concerned teacher.